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Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks
Broadband Network Innovation Has Been Set In Motion.

Rajant Corporation – the pioneer provider of pervasive, multi-frequency wireless solutions – is changing the way the world utilizes mobile infrastructure by bringing to life agile, scalable, high-performance networks that connect the diverse environments in which they operate today.

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Made for Today’s Mobility-Driven Environments





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rajant mission critical reliability

When it comes to mission-critical network reliability, it’s all in the hand-off… or not.

This video tells the story of Rajant’s “Make-Make-Make-Never-Break” Kinetic Mesh® network connectivity, and how it has evolved beyond the mobility challenges of Traditional Wi-Fi.

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See the Past and Present…
Prepare for the Future of Your Kinetic Mesh® Network with BC|Enterprise

BC|Enterprise delivers strategic data on historical network performance with live updates to complement the real-time, tactical mesh network views available from Rajant’s BC|Commander®.


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rajant's bc enterprise for network management

Move Freely with the Dynamic Power of a Living Network™ Infrastructure.

What is a Living Network™ infrastructure? It’s ever-evolving to meet new or changing business and connectivity demands.

Rajant makes Living Network™ infrastructure possible with its Kinetic Mesh® network, creating a fully mobile wireless network that dynamically reacts to and optimizes for physical surroundings and frequency availability – all in real-time.

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rajant's wireless mesh network provides productivity

Create the Network that Works for You.

A Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network provides much more than connectivity – it brings mobility, performance, reliability, and flexibility that is unmatched by other broadband and mesh offerings, turning your network into a strategic, highly productive asset.

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rajant's wireless mesh network provides reliability

Remove Downtime from Your Operating Equation.

No single point of failure and the self-healing capabilities of Kinetic Mesh® networks provide built-in redundancy to minimize administration and maintenance while maximizing mobility, IP traffic uptime and bandwidth.

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rajant's wireless mesh network provides agility

Adapt Seamlessly to Changing Environments & Demands.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks optimize coverage between all fixed and mobile assets, even as network characteristics change – whether nodes are added, subtracted, or dynamically shifted across large areas, it adapts to ensure your data remains highly available.

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rajant instamesh routing technology and breadcrumbs

BreadCrumb® Wireless Network Nodes

Ruggedized, multi-radio transmitters communicate with any Wi-Fi or Ethernet-connected device to deliver low-latency, high-throughput data, voice and video across the mesh network.

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InstaMesh® Technology

Patented networking protocol enables complete network mobility over a common wireless infrastructure, with dynamic shifting of data across network frequencies based on best-path analysis.

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