Rajant Kinetic Mesh in Telecom:
Access a New Spectrum of Opportunity

Rajant’s technology is presenting service providers with an opportunity to increase available bandwidth and wireless spectrum while trimming capital equipment costs – and doing so with a solution that complements, not competes with, existing technology.

Using Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networking technology, service providers can leverage untapped spectrum with higher performance and lower overhead than traditional routing and switching.

rajant kinetic mesh network applications-telecom

Open New Pathways to Greater Service Offerings.

Rajant’s BreadCrumb network nodes and InstaMesh networking software offer a path to new spectrum as well as a better way to increase wireless and Wi-Fi coverage in underserved, yet over-stressed service areas. Multi-radio BreadCrumb units route packets between multiple frequencies including Wi-Fi, private government bands and commercial spectrum ranging from the 350 MHz to 6 GHz – including non-mobile frequencies.

The result: one unified network that can make use of all available pathways to route packets when a network node fails or interference is present. This allows service providers to effectively leverage frequencies never intended for mobile use – and make it all transparent to users.

Expand Coverage with Optimal Efficiency.

Service providers can route their traffic from users’ devices onto a frequency for wide area transmission, then down to a device connected to the Internet. Rajant software enables packet tracking so that usage can be billed per byte if needed.

Easily deployed, managed, and maintained, Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networking technology represents a breakthrough for wireless operators and service providers interested in offloading data traffic and expanding coverage.

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