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Well Connected: BT Taps Rajant for Deeper Penetration into the Operating Environments of Customers

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intermodal rail terminal January 6, 2014

Maintaining Network Connectivity at US Rail Terminals

Moving shipping containers from a major rail terminal to multiple destinations is complex and the coordination of those shipments is daunting. Rail terminals worldwide are in continuous motion and require constant communication in order to coordinate the various pieces of equipment and modes of transportation with the monitoring station.  An intermodal terminal requires a network…

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oil communications December 4, 2013

OilComm: Solving Communications Challenges for the Oil & Gas Community

Every year we look forward to attending the OilComm Conference and Expo in Houston.  It is the one show that is solely focused on solving communications challenges for the Oil & Gas community – and that makes it very important to Rajant.  This year, attendance soared 26 percent over 2012, and it seemed that most…

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mining dump truck March 15, 2013

Network Drift – Extending the Discipline from Wired to Wireless

No matter how well a wireless mesh network is planned and deployed, bad things happen to it over time. Devices are added. New applications are supported. Antennae are moved. A new setting is not optimized. Infrastructure is poorly located. Batteries are down. Suddenly, the network is not working as it should.

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cell phones February 25, 2013

Free Nationwide WiFi – Who Picks Up the Tab(s)?

Every once in a while, the concept of free, powerful, nationwide WiFi coverage regains the spotlight. The latest proposal, from the FCC, involves tapping unused television spectrum to ‘blanket’ many under-served areas across the country. This is not a new issue, and has been proposed in various forms over the past five or six years.…

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railroad wireless network January 16, 2013

Of Networks – Finite and Infinite

Although the sight of lumbering, rusty freight cars may lead some to believe that railroads are an antiquated industry, quite the opposite is true.  Railroads are a growth industry. In 2012 alone, companies were forecasted to invest a record $13 billion in 2012 to expand, upgrade, and enhance the nation’s freight rail network.

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emergency communications-wireless wireless mesh network November 7, 2012

Sandy Reveals Lingering Lack of Wireless Infrastructure

As communities in the Northeast continue to deal with the devastating aftermath of ‘superstorm’ Sandy, the emergency preparedness of the nation’s wireless carriers comes under renewed scrutiny. The widespread cellular service outages that accompanied Sandy’s landfall on October 29th and 30th linger on in some areas, causing many to question just how much progress has…

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mining wireless network September 24, 2012

Taming the Mining Data Tsunami

As MINExpo International 2012 kicks off this week, we’re reminded of just how much an old, established industry can change in just a few years.  Looking at the list of exhibitors and the abstracts for educational sessions at the conference, it’s not hard to see how the role of data has grown and assumed a…

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rajant early BreadCrumbs September 14, 2012

Of Rising Bars & Changing Games

During a recent technical training session for our sales team, Rajant Chief Technology Officer Paul Helhake dusted off a little bit of Rajant history to share with the group.  Two of the original BreadCrumb portable mesh transceivers (pictured above) were opened up, and passed around.

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moving earth August 10, 2012

Moving Earth, Moving Data

To the layman, which includes most of us, mining operations are a gritty, noisy, dusty and often perilous undertaking involving huge machines and intrepid men burrowing deep into the earth to access and remove valuable materials.  It’s all mammoth trucks, scoops, conveyor belts, drilling and explosions – carried out in rugged, remote locations.

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oil pipeline July 6, 2012

Monitoring Remote Oil & Gas Infrastructure – An Expansive Issue

A series of recent equipment failures and resulting oil spills in Canada has renewed concerns over pipeline safety and monitoring and environmental impact in Alberta and Saskatchewan – particularly in light of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.  Oil sands, in particular, pose new problems in transportation.  They must be cut with chemicals, heated, and pumped…

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