Company Graphics


Logo/Graphic Use Guildines

  • Do not use the Rajant logo on official letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc.
  • Reduce or enlarge the Rajant logo proportionately, as needed, but never reduce it beyond legibility or distort it by stretching, squeezing, or reshaping it.
  • Always keep the Rajant logo intact; do not remove or rearrange any of its elements.Never change the fonts or colors.
  • Never use a tag line.
  • All uses of the Rajant logo and graphics must first be approved by Rajant marketing before publishing.

To download a graphic file, hold your cursor over the file you want, click on right-mouse-button (PC) and select "Save Link As...".

Tiny JPG [220 x 63 px, 300dpi, 30k]
Small JPG [519 x 149 px, 300dpi, 57k]
Medium JPG [1106 x 318 px, 300dpi, 116k]
Large JPG[2344 x 674 px, 300dpi, 278k]
EPS [523k]
Tiny JPG [265 x 95 px, 300dpi, 29k]
Small JPG [639 x 225 px, 300dpi, 60k]
Medium JPG [1335 x 468px, 300dpi, 131k]
Large JPG [2767 x 967 px, 300dpi, 348k]
Tiny JPG [219 x 63 px, 300dpi, 19.8k]
Small JPG [521 x 150 px, 300dpi, 36k]
Medium JPG [1102 x 317 px, 300dpi, 73k]
Large JPG [2344 x 674 px, 300dpi, 195k]
Tiny JPG [265 x 89 px, 300dpi, 21k]
Small JPG [629 x 210 px, 300dpi, 41k]
Medium JPG [1196 x 398 px, 300dpi, 80k]
Large JPG [2748 x 910 px, 300dpi, 258k]

BreadCrumb JR
Small JPG [150 x 150 px, 72dpi, 5k]
Large JPG [1557 x 914px, 300dpi, 483k]

BreadCrumb LX4
Small JPG [150 x 150 px, 72dpi, 7k]
Large JPG [1640 x 1440px, 300dpi, 942k]

BreadCrumb LX
Small JPG [96 x 80 px, 72dpi, 20k]
Large JPG [900 x 748px, 300dpi, 147k]

BreadCrumb ME3
Small JPG [150 x 150 px, 72dpi, 8k]
Large JPG [1557 x 1498px, 300dpi, 252k]

BreadCrumb ME2
Small JPG [96x67px, 72dpi, 17k]
Large JPG [657x864px, 300dpi, 144k]
BreadCrumb ME
Small JPG [96x67px, 72dpi, 14k]
BreadCrumb XL, XLV & XLE
Small JPG [120x66px, 72dpi, 20k]
Large JPG [1611x882px, 300dpi, 275k]
BreadCrumb SE
Small JPG [120x69px, 72dpi, 20k]
XLarge JPG [2256x1288px, 300dpi, 1.34M]

BreadCrumb XLR
Small JPG [120x30px, 72dpi, 16k]
Large JPG [1476x365px, 300dpi, 223k]