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The proliferation of wireless networks and availability of Wi-Fi leads many of us to take connectivity for granted. Today, nearly everyone has instant access to wireless broadband at work, in the home, and in countless locations in between.

But what about challenging industries and environments such as mining, military, oil and gas, first responders, and telecommunications – where people, vehicles and equipment are typically in motion and when connectivity is a requirement, not an option? Changes in topography, climate, and the state of motion of individual network nodes pose real challenges to reliable broadband connectivity.

In these and other demanding applications, Rajant Corporation’s Kinetic Mesh Networking technology provides proven, reliable meshed wireless broadband networking.

The Rajant Difference

Through the combination of Rajant BreadCrumb® wireless network nodes and InstaMesh® routing software, Kinetic Mesh networks are readily established to support hundreds of moving nodes -- without crippling the network with overhead. Unlike traditional mesh technologies, Rajant enables all network nodes to be in motion all the time, all clients to move all the time, and all application data to use any radio necessary to reach its destination – anywhere on the network.

The essence of Kinetic Mesh Networking is motion and flexibility, and Rajant’s BreadCrumb nodes provide a combination of power, portability and rugged construction for a wide range of applications. Leveraging InstaMesh, Rajant BreadCrumb nodes provide continuous and instantaneous routing of wireless and wired connections over the best available frequency. This dynamic frequency utilization capability allows for total network mobility – Kinetic Meshing – as well as robust fault tolerance, high throughput and low latency.

This dynamic, on-the-fly frequency changing enables Rajant networks to adapt to physical surroundings or network availability. These capabilities, coupled with high-level data encryption and mesh-to-mesh authentication, allow for scalable, reliable broadband connectivity that can readily scale to hundreds of devices.

In the most demanding applications, Rajant technology is the proven choice for ultra-resilient, highly scalable easily-deployed networks that are equally adept in both everyday situations and times of crisis. Rajant also provides its technology to service providers and manufacturers who need high-quality network solutions for their customers.

Connectivity When it Counts - A Rajant Network in Action

Below is a screen shot of an actual Rajant network spanning 145 square miles with over 200 multi-radio nodes, almost all of which are continually in motion. A large number of operational applications are running concurrently on this network.












Applications Running Simultaneously on This Network Include:

1. Dispatch Production Scheduling

2. Minecare Haul Truck Health Monitoring

3. Aquila High Precision Drilling

4. CAES Terrain High Precision Excavating

5. Centurion Shovel Monitoring

6. MEM Real-Time Mobile Equipment Monitoring

7. Time & Attendance Management

8. Video Monitoring

9. Blast Management

10. Gas well Monitoring

11. Various Office Applications (E-mail, SAP, collaboration)