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What if You Could Put a Cell Tower on Wheels?

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moving earth August 10, 2012

Moving Earth, Moving Data

To the layman, which includes most of us, mining operations are a gritty, noisy, dusty and often perilous undertaking involving huge machines and intrepid men burrowing deep into the earth to access and remove valuable materials.  It’s all mammoth trucks, scoops, conveyor belts, drilling and explosions – carried out in rugged, remote locations.

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oil pipeline July 6, 2012

Monitoring Remote Oil & Gas Infrastructure – An Expansive Issue

A series of recent equipment failures and resulting oil spills in Canada has renewed concerns over pipeline safety and monitoring and environmental impact in Alberta and Saskatchewan – particularly in light of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.  Oil sands, in particular, pose new problems in transportation.  They must be cut with chemicals, heated, and pumped…

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crowd wireless June 15, 2012

Wireless Spectrum – Bandwidth is an Infrastructure Play First

There’s been renewed discussion lately surrounding the wireless spectrum shortage, and whether it’s truly a shortage or a matter of mis-allocation. The calls for government to free up more radio spectrum for wireless communications are resonating again, while a growing number of consumers are complaining about lack of service. Factor in the explosive growth of…

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early warning June 1, 2012

C-RAM: Leveraging Mesh Technology to Enhance Early Warning Systems

Although it’s hard for the majority of Americans to comprehend, there are many areas in the world where missile alert systems are a fact of everyday life. Consider Israel, which on a daily basis is confronted with some 50,000 Hezbollah and Hamas rockets in southern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. To counter this threat, Israel…

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made in america May 18, 2012

Made in America

As mentioned in an earlier post, I recently accompanied Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett and a contingent of Pennsylvania companies on a trade mission through Europe, where we met with an impressive roster of European companies and trade organizations, including a number of automakers. The five-day mission was designed to increase Pennsylvania exports to France and…

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auto green light April 25, 2012

“Intelligent Auto” Technology Gets the Green Light

It seems that every year there is a rash of stories touting the coming era of “intelligent autos.”  Print, TV and online outlets typically starting running these pieces shortly after the major U.S. auto shows.  And each year, the promise of intelligent auto moves a few steps further from something you’d find in the latest…

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nyc arial April 25, 2012

Rajant Blog Introductory Post

When we launched Rajant Corporation just a decade ago, our initial motivation was simple – to make it easier for emergency personnel to quickly establish vital broadband network connectivity in any situation.  The United States had just suffered its worst domestic terror attack, and the events of that day clearly illustrated the shortcomings of existing…

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