See how our Kinetic Mesh® networks overcome the mobility challenges and potential for failure that plague traditional wireless solutions. It’s connectivity, evolved.






Why support mission-critical applications with anything less than a mission-critical network?

Don’t settle for the traditional ‘Break-Before-Make’ or ‘Make-Before-Break’ approach to connectivity employed by Wi-Fi and inferior meshing systems. These networks must break connectivity in order to move—but today’s mission-critical applications require continuous connectivity.

Only Rajant’s ‘Make-Make-Make-Never-Break’ approach is able to satisfy industrial operators’ mission-critical demands with a significantly higher degree of reliability everywhere across their mobile environment.


make-make-make-never-break technical brief

Make-Make-Make Your Move to Rajant

Learn how Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® network can support your mission-critical requirements today—and seamlessly adapt as those requirements evolve.

Download our technical brief to learn how Rajant’s approach to hand-off ensures continuous connectivity for highly reliable real-time voice, video and data in even the most challenging mobile-driven environments.


The Make-Make-Make-Never-Break Difference


incremental change

Incremental Change

In traditional Break-Before-Make infrastructures, only one connection can exist between a node and an access point. This requires nodes to continually break and re-establish connectivity as they move between access points.

Even using the incrementally evolved Make-Before-Break approach, where a network is able to scan for and determine the next best-available path prior to handoff, the node cannot use this newly ‘made’ connection until the old connection is broken.

Both options can result in temporary loss of communications, high latency, and dropped packets, and create potential points of failure. These issues are exacerbated at an industrial scale, when needing to connect hundreds of moving people and equipment.



paradigm shift

Paradigm Shift

In the Make-Make-Make-Never-Break approach employed by Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks, all nodes can direct traffic via multiple peer connections simultaneously, without the need for a controller node.

When a node moves, our patented InstaMesh® networking software dynamically establishes new connections with neighboring nodes—and the network does not have to break a connection before a new one is made. Connections that were previously used continue as alternately available paths until they are no longer needed.

The redundancy of multiple simultaneous connections virtually eliminates any single point of failure or bottleneck.


only break

Only Break

Every industry sector has mission-critical applications for which continuous connectivity is an absolute requirement.

Whether described as Break-Before-Make or Make-Before-Break, traditional networks with these ‘break’ infrastructures simply cannot support the demands of today’s dynamic industrial operations and environments.



only make

Only Make

Through its unique Make-Make-Make-Never Break approach, Rajant enables complete network mobility and ensures reliable, real-time flow of data, voice, and video at low latency.

Rajant’s network always has a great number of potential paths to dynamically direct packets based on fastest time to delivery, optimally supporting your mission-critical applications.