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July 5, 2017

Aerial Broadband for Drones Is on the Launch Pad

By Dava Baumann, Vice President of Global Marketing at Rajant Corporation The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimates that sales of unmanned aircraft systems (UASs), or drones, for commercial purposes are projected to grow from 600,000 in 2016 to 2.7 million by 2020. Hardly a day goes by that you don’t hear or read about drones…

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rajant early BreadCrumbs September 14, 2012

Of Rising Bars & Changing Games

During a recent technical training session for our sales team, Rajant Chief Technology Officer Paul Helhake dusted off a little bit of Rajant history to share with the group.  Two of the original BreadCrumb portable mesh transceivers (pictured above) were opened up, and passed around.

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