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mining dump truck March 15, 2013

Network Drift – Extending the Discipline from Wired to Wireless

No matter how well a wireless mesh network is planned and deployed, bad things happen to it over time. Devices are added. New applications are supported. Antennae are moved. A new setting is not optimized. Infrastructure is poorly located. Batteries are down. Suddenly, the network is not working as it should.

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mining wireless network September 24, 2012

Taming the Mining Data Tsunami

As MINExpo International 2012 kicks off this week, we’re reminded of just how much an old, established industry can change in just a few years.  Looking at the list of exhibitors and the abstracts for educational sessions at the conference, it’s not hard to see how the role of data has grown and assumed a…

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moving earth August 10, 2012

Moving Earth, Moving Data

To the layman, which includes most of us, mining operations are a gritty, noisy, dusty and often perilous undertaking involving huge machines and intrepid men burrowing deep into the earth to access and remove valuable materials.  It’s all mammoth trucks, scoops, conveyor belts, drilling and explosions – carried out in rugged, remote locations.

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