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BreadCrumb® ME Rugged Wireless Network Nodes

The Rajant BreadCrumb® ME series wireless transmitter-receivers offer single or multi-radio configurations in a man-portable, battery-powered form factor. The ME series Breadcrumbs can be used as nodes in a portable wireless mesh network using Rajant’s InstaMesh technology.

Rajant BreadCrumb® ME4

rajant-breadcrumb-ME4.jpg The BreadCrumb ME4 is a rugged, wireless transceiver that supports IEEE 802-11a/b/g/n protocols to enable data, voice, and video applications. The device includes a faster processor than the ME3, and offers two radio modules and up to four antenna ports. A built-in battery is not included with the ME4. 

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BreadCrumb_ME3.jpgRajant BreadCrumb® ME3

The Rajant BreadCrumb ME3 is another man-packable, battery operated portable transceiver designed to support applications that require quick network connectivity. The ME3 includes a faster processor than its predecessor, the BreadCrumb ME2, and an N-Type antenna connector, which allows interoperability of antennas between the BreadCrumb LX and ME models. The ME3 can be equipped with either 2.4 GHz or 900 MHz radios. Its rugged case allows it to be used in a variety of applications where durability and security are paramount.

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