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Reliable Network Communications – Developed Specifically to Adapt to Challenging Situations

For first responders, the quality of their equipment is only truly tested in times of crisis. While standard cellular, Wi-Fi and other wireless networks may suffice for lighter daily use, challenging situations require a more robust, resilient and proven technology.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networking technology offers a proven, superior solution when it is needed most. When lives are on the line and network downtime is not an option, Rajant connects.

Rajant BreadCrumb network nodes and InstaMesh routing technology enable first responders in any situation – from urban to remote environments – to easily and quickly establish vital voice, data and video communications, and remain confident that the connection will be available.

The Rajant Difference – Connectivity When it Matters Most

Unlike other mesh networking technologies, Rajant’s multi-radio BreadCrumb wireless devices and InstaMesh software form a resilient network that actually grows stronger as nodes are added – without a vulnerable “controller” node or single point of failure. InstaMesh automatically routs packets over the best available frequency so that blocked, jammed or unavailable frequencies do not mean failure.

Rajant networks are proven performers in the most challenging environments and demanding applications – including military communications and mining operations – where availability, flexibility and rapid deployment are paramount. Designed so that all network nodes can be in motion all the time, and all network traffic can utilize any available radio frequency, Rajant technology provides peace of mind to first responders who depend on network availability.

Rajant BreadCrumb nodes come in a variety of configurations ¬– from ruggedized and fixed mounted units on vehicles to portable units that can be worn by first responders. These units link with the full spectrum of IP-connected devices to provide the coverage you require.

Readily deployed. Always available. Proven and trusted. These are the qualities that first responders require in a network…and that Rajant delivers.

First Responders Applications for Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networking Technology

  • Voice Communications
  • Tactical Radio Over Internet Protocol (TROIP)
  • Data Communications
  • Video Applications
  • Remote Monitors
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Man portable and Interoperable Tactical Operation Center (MITOC™) (For more information on MITOC, click here)


Today, high-speed Internet access is viewed as a metric for how well countries are developing. In the U.S. and most first-world nations, people now expect wireless Internet access to be as ubiquitous as a telephone dial tone. Telecom providers and MSOs are building out their networks as quickly as possible, yet there are still large areas of the country, and even wide sections within major cities, where high-speed Internet access is not available.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networking technology empowers cities, towns and other municipalities to easily deploy broadband Internet connectivity with far fewer nodes than other solutions, and with dramatically lower management and maintenance costs.

Rajant solutions can not only help connect citizens, but also government agencies, utilities and first responders – leading to more efficient, “smart” cities.

Even with high traffic loads, networks built with Rajant BreadCrumbs can have up to 20 times more bandwidth than some of the currently available systems. This is because Rajant’s InstaMesh routing technology manages the complexity of a high number of moving network nodes – while keeping the high-bandwidth network available. Mobility and bandwidth are maximized because Rajant uses primarily 'Layer-2', and does not rely on a root node or LAN Controller.

Rajant is the proven solution – when connectivity counts.

Municipal Applications for Rajant Mobile Network Technology

  • Voice Communications
  • Public Internet Access
  • Government Internet Access
  • Video Applications
  • Security and Surveillance