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Battle-Tested Tactical Wireless Broadband Networks

Military and defense personnel continually grapple with the complexities of establishing and maintaining broadband communications in a dynamic tactical and mobile Concept of Operations (ConOps). Specifically developed for rugged terrains and harsh physical environments, Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networking technology and InstaMesh protocol provide proven, mission-critical communications – with all nodes in motion and under hostile and unpredictable conditions.

With computers and richer, high-bandwidth communications now central to military operations, reliable, resilient and secure wireless broadband is more vital than ever. Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networking technology is the ideal solution for a variety of military applications because of its rugged construction, ease of deployment and support, and adaptability to the most challenging network environments.

Rajant’s InstaMesh routing technology enables networks to remain fully operational even when nodes are lost or radio frequencies are jammed. Multi-radio BreadCrumb nodes automatically move packet traffic to the next available BreadCrumb node, using the most efficient radio frequency available.

Convoy Connectivity – Secure Ears and Eyes for Troops on the Move

The emerging market for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications today is just beginning to gain attention in the media, but V2V applications have been commonplace in military applications for some time now. In theaters of operation worldwide, coalition forces depend on resilient communications between moving convoy vehicles.

In a typical convoy scenario, multiple vehicles are linked via broadband, with both the lead and rear vehicles connected to the command post via satellite uplink. Kinetic Mesh technology linking these and the remaining vehicles ensures that voice, video and data communications remain on the localized network – even if some of the satellite-equipped vehicles are compromised. By complementing either satellite or microwave link, and providing resilient, self-healing broadband connectivity, Kinetic Mesh networking ensures safety and survival in remote battlefield operations.

Military Applications of Rajant Mobile Network Technology

  • Convoy Communications
  • Perimeter Security
  • Surveillance
  • UAV Applications
  • Man-Portable & PAN
  • Instant High-Bandwidth Net
  • Video Monitoring
  • Sensor Aggregation
  • Vehicles-Coms on the Move
  • TROIP (Tactical Radio Over Internet Protocol)