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High-Availability Kinetic Mesh Networking Solutions for Mining

The introduction of advanced computer hardware and software technology as well as wireless communications have enabled huge gains in both productivity and safety while reducing maintenance and downtime in open pit and underground mining operations.

Similar to battlefield situations, mining operations consist of multiple vehicles, equipment and personnel, dispersed across rugged terrain – all of which require constant, reliable high-bandwidth connections while on the move. Today’s mines require interconnected wireless networks that allow loader trucks, shovels, pumps, laptops and other production equipment to communicate with each other in real time. Continuous production and safety mandate unwavering availability – 24x7x365 uptime in all corners of the mine.

Given the mobility of mining equipment, and line-of-sight issues posed by rapidly changing topography, providing this level of wireless coverage in mines can require an inordinate amount of coordination, scale, planning and support infrastructure. Flexibility, scalability, and availability are paramount – as the network must be easily deployed, exceptionally rugged to endure harsh conditions, and be able to reliably cover an ever-changing landscape without constantly moving, adding or rebuilding infrastructure.

These are the challenges that Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networking technology was designed for – and where it has proven its value for over a decade. Today, Rajant is the standard for reliable, resilient, flexible broadband connectivity in some of largest and most productive mines in the world.

The secure BreadCrumb nodes can scale to much higher node densities as the network grows and bandwidth availability actually increases. They securely interact with the data command center across a meshed, self-healing network to provide critical, real-time information that touches all aspects of mining operations. The nodes rapidly adapt to any changes in the network topology, assuring that IP traffic uptime and bandwidth are maximized.

In most situations, there is no existing cellular, 3G or Wi-Fi infrastructure available to assist with the network. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networking technology alleviates this situation by building a resilient wireless mesh capable of any-node to any-node communications. If a wide area link is required, the BreadCrumb network can easily transmit and receive data through a satellite, point-to-point wireless, or wired link.

Mining Applications of Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networking Technology

  • Fleet Monitoring and Control
  • Equipment Health Monitoring
  • High Precision Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Slope Stability Radar (seismic activity)
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Tire Monitoring
  • Pump Station Monitoring
  • Video Monitoring
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Autonomous Haulage
  • Remote Control Dozers
  • TROIP – Tactical Radio over IP
  • Miner Tracking
  • Dispatch
  • Operator Communications

A Rajant Network at Work in a Real Mine Environment

Below is a screen shot of an actual Rajant network spanning 145 square miles with over 200 multi-radio nodes, almost all of which are continually in motion in an active mine environment. A large number of operational applications are running concurrently on this network.












Applications Running Simultaneously on This Network Include:

1. Modular Mining Systems’ DISPATCH® Fleet Management System

2. Modular Mining Systems’ MineCare® Maintenance Management Solution

3. Aquila High Precision Drilling

4. CAES Terrain High Precision Excavating

5. Centurion Shovel Monitoring

6. MEM Real-Time Mobile Equipment Monitoring

7. Time & Attendance Management

8. Video Monitoring

9. Blast Management

10. Gas well Monitoring

11. Various Office Applications (E-mail, SAP, collaboration)