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Providing Vital Broadband Connectivity for Critical – and Vulnerable – Remote Infrastructure

Oil and gas exploration, drilling, extraction and transportation operations require substantial equipment and manpower resources, and carefully orchestrated logistics – all dispersed over vast, and often remote, geographic areas. By necessity, a large percentage of the critical remote infrastructure – both terrestrial and offshore – is unmanned and unmonitored. The Gulf of Mexico alone, for example, has nearly 5,000 highly vulnerable oil and gas rigs, transfer sites and drilling platforms, along with countless tankers, vessels and aircraft traversing the area.

With increased exploration and production underway worldwide, the potential for devastating accidents and dangerous terrorist strikes also increases. Meanwhile, offshore communications – particularly reliable, multi-frequency broadband networking – presents multiple challenges because it typically incorporates a variety of fixed, moving, manned and unmanned assets.

The ability to reliably network these assets represents a substantial advantage in terms of safety and disaster preparedness. Only Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networking technology offers a reliable solution for connecting the myriad equipment, vehicles, vessels and people that drive these industries.

The powerful flexibility of Rajant’s wireless BreadCrumb network nodes and InstaMesh routing technology can be applied to virtually any remote or offshore critical infrastructure where broadband data and communications are needed. For example, a cluster of Rajant BreadCrumb nodes situated on a group of wells, pipelines or drilling platforms are readily connected via satellite transponder to satisfy a full range of voice, video and data communications needs.

Rajant networks are designed for rapid deployment, resilience, and flexibility, and can handle the application data and communications traffic required by such large-scale operations. With Rajant technology, all network nodes can be in motion all the time, and there is no single “controller” node on the network – so no single point of failure. The resilient broadband network ensures that voice, video and data can securely, reliably flow between all nodes in the network. The range of applications supported by this technology is virtually unlimited – from remote monitoring of platform and equipment conditions, voice and data communications, and video security.

Spotlight: Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networking in Iraqi Oilfields


Rajant's kinetic mesh networks enable both in-motion and fixed nodes throughout an oilfield operation to remain in constant, high-bandwidth contact. Operational applications, communications and security are vastly enhanced via the exceptional strength and reliability of the Rajant mesh network.

GULFMESH™ Overview


GULFMESH™ is a proposed broadband wireless network in the Gulf of Mexico that would cover the area from Brownsville, Texas to the Florida panhandle. Oil platforms, commercial and private ships, Coast Guard and military ships as well as helicopters would connect to the mesh network enabling Wi-Fi access, ship-to-shore communications and the ability to remotely view, monitor and control a full range of IP devices.