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Despite the tons of steel barreling down endless miles of tracks, railroads are essentially carefully choreographed ballets whose delicate timing – and profitability – depends on an optimized flow of freight across a finite network of rails and trains.

Maintaining ideal rail velocity requires a deft balance of human judgment, automation and information technology. Today’s freight lines rely heavily on wired and wireless networks to deliver a daunting array of data and communications – everything from equipment health monitoring, train speeds and locations, wheel sensors and freight status to weather conditions, fuel consumption, traffic optimization and more. In addition to providing real-time information to maximize velocity, much of this data is constantly analyzed to increase productivity and improve safety.

As the scope, complexity and importance of railroad data increases, so does the need for high-availability, scalable broadband network communications that are flexible and able to connect hundreds and thousands of moving assets. View Demo >>

Rajant Corporation’s Kinetic Mesh Networking technology provides reliable, secure broadband connectivity in which bandwidth availability actually increases as the network grows. Rajant BreadCrumb nodes interact with the railroad data command center across a meshed, self-healing network to provide critical, real-time information that touches all aspects of railroad operations. The nodes rapidly adapt to any changes in the network topology, assuring that IP traffic uptime and bandwidth are maximized.

Because of the vast and remote areas covered by freight lines, there is often no existing cellular, 3G or Wi-Fi infrastructure available to assist with the network. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networking technology addresses this situation by establishing a resilient wireless mesh capable of any-node to any-node communications. When a wide area link is required, the BreadCrumb network readily transmits and receives data through satellite, point-to-point wireless, or wired links
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Rajant RailMesh™ Demo Video

Rajant's RailMesh™ demo shows how Kinetic Mesh networks can empower railroad data command centers and increase railroad safety with real-time equipment and freight data.