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Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Technology:
Powering the Living Network™

Our fully mobile private wireless network never breaks for handoff, so you have no breaks in application performance. It’s connectivity, evolved.

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wireless mesh networks for Industry 4.0

The Secure, Intrinsically Safe Network Solution to Advance Your Industry 4.0 Initiatives

See how Rajant’s C1D2 certified wireless BreadCrumb® nodes deliver the IoT-enabling connectivity growing petrochemical plants need to improve operational efficiencies – safely, securely, and at scale.

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Rajant Innovation at Work

Is Your Connected Vehicle Secure?

With the plethora of data now integrated into and accessible by today’s cars, security has become a critical concern. Rely on Rajant’s robust connectivity, backed by military-grade crypto solutions, to securely power exciting connected car advancements.

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Rajant Innovation at Work

Helping Industrial Drone Usage Take Flight

Industries are seeing the value of drones for aerial surveillance, infrastructure monitoring, and more – and Rajant gives operators robust aerial broadband connectivity to maximize their business advantage.

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Rajant Innovation at Work

Enabling Autonomous Operations

Unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) improve the safety and efficiency of workers with sensor-based intelligence that removes the need for onboard human presence. Rajant helps power UGV autonomy with mobile-enabled, never-break connectivity.

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  •  Connected Cars
  •  Drone Communications
  •  Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)

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Join us at Network Centric Warfare

February 4 – 5,  2019 | Rome, Italy

As the 21st Century battlefield becomes increasingly complex and asymmetrical, military forces are striving to harness network technology to gain an operational advantage, transforming traditional linear command structures by linking sensors, unmanned vehicles, command posts, and soldiers on the ground.

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