Put Your Network on Wheels

Today’s expansive industrial operations require robust connectivity everywhere. That’s why static cell towers aren’t enough. See how Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® technology acts as a cell tower on wheels, enabling your people and assets to take robust connectivity with them wherever they go.

All Powered by the Rajant Living Network

Rajant’s wireless BreadCrumb® nodes, equipped with InstaMesh® networking software, can be used to transform virtually any asset – fixed or moving – into network infrastructure. By affixing BreadCrumbs to mobile vehicles, you can rapidly augment or create infrastructure ad-hoc, seamlessly connecting hot zones to provide ubiquitous coverage over widespread areas.

Put your network on wheels and discover the operational impact that everywhere connectivity makes.

Deploy Anywhere with Ease
It can take a mammoth effort to get a cell tower installed in a new location, especially in a sparsely populated area. Rajant’s private wireless network, with nodes designed for rugged environments, easily integrates with existing infrastructure to rapidly extend coverage to communicate with and control roaming assets anywhere they move across expansive and/or remote operations.

Don’t Lose Critical Data
Cell towers must break connectivity to make handoffs, which creates opportunities for data loss. Rajant’s network features node- and frequency-level redundancy, with BreadCrumbs making multiple simultaneous connections, so no connections must be broken for new ones to be made – keeping data intact.

Never Lose Line of Sight
If terrain or moving assets interrupt a cell tower’s line of sight, connectivity can be obstructed with no way around it. Rajant’s BreadCrumb nodes are mobile, generating more lines of sight, and InstaMesh dynamically selects the fastest path from hundreds of potential options to automatically route around interference, signal blockage, etc. without losing a beat.


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Ready to put your network on wheels?

Don’t settle for anything less than a fully mobile network, because your operations won’t.

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